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Hiatus is over.

It has been a while since I took a break to rethink about Keirinstreets, I started this as a personal project to talk about bikes, about fixed gear bikes, and soon enough it started changing from a personal blog to a collaboration platform with brands, teams, artists...

For a while I got lost in the middle of all that craziness trying to find a way to make other people happy and forgot why I created Keirinstreets in the first place: to share the perspective that fixed gears have from my side of the "world".

In this time I traveled a lot, always trying to observe how the fixed gear community still survives in different places.

That does not mean no collaboration will ever happen again, or that I will not make any other reviews... but I take this as an opportunity to free myself from any pre-format I might have created to "work" freely again, just like when I am on my bike!

All cheesy messages aside, I am happy to be back.

Keirin Berlin Cafe memories

We all tried to save Keirin Berlin. This time Gentrification won.

Bogota, Colombia, always time to check Instagram

There is always time to check IG real quick. Bogota, Colombia

Stay safe, bring it in!

Always on the job.

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