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Day 6 | Voorthuizen - Amsterdam

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The day started earlier for us, we wanted to start riding soon so we could take it slow, it was the last day riding and we wanted to enjoy the roads. We started our ritual, put everything to charge and meanwhile start packing the suff, by now we are pros at that. Before we go there was still time for some fun, besides, it was really cold outside.

Early morning

We hit the first town to get supplies. Sandwiches ready and coffee taken we started to ride on the slowest pace we probably could. The ride was easy, we had only 70Kms ahead of us and we are ahead of schedule. No pressure.

Arriving to Amsterdam I had already written on a Facebook group (Amsterdam Fixed Gear) that we were on our way and some of the guys invited us for a coffee. We didn’t pass by any Welcome to Amsterdam sign for the usual photo, we didn’t really care, all we wanted was to seat down and have a cold beer, we wanted to celebrate our victory and make it real.

After exchanging address we met with Caio, a Brazilian vegan chef that used to work as a bike courier and has been travelling for the past year and a half. We seat down and share some stories, had a few beers and for the first time I had the feeling that we made it. Seating down looking at my friend and riding buddy Luis and our new friends.

Tonight we have a couch to crash in and tomorrow we tour around town. It brings a bit of mixed feelings to “finish” a project, a trip like this that we spent so much time preparing, so many hours talking about the details, all the worries until we started riding and now, here I am siting down at a café uploading the last photos.

What will come next?

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