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Day 5 | Siemerink - Voorthizen

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The day started super lazy after a great nigh of sleep feeling rested and fresh. We managed to find a cafe near our camp site and we were really taking it slow. It was around midday and we haven’t done 30Kms yet, once we decided to do some serious riding we finally met with a new weather condition we haven’t had until now, rain. It was more like a drizzle that sometimes would get a bit heavier now and them but it was enough to start to make us shiver and lose sensibility on the tip of my fingers.

We rode like everyday so far. Into the night and only then we would think about where we wanted to sleep. The process was very simple, we just had to ask a simple question to ourselves: “Do we have enough energy to ride out of this town and look for some open fields?” Plus the scouting process is long and very subjective, the one more tired is willing to sleep pretty much anywhere while the other rider wants to pick and choose.

Arriving to Voorthizen our energy was low, not the kind of low that a cup of coffee will boost you up but the kind of low that it takes all your energy to focus on the road ahead and if anything happens that requires your full attention that could already be too much. So we decided that this would be our place of sleep, little did we know this would be the adventure of the day.

Finding a field was out of questions, there are no more free places between cities, it’s just one after the other. Google maps showed us dozens of camping sites and we went on a quest to find them but it seamed they where all either closed or full capacity. We asked people on the street, people passing by inside their cars, everything. Our last option was to just call all the number google maps had marked as a campsite.

It was actually easy to get someone to answer and to tell us they had free place, the fun part was how to find the place. The campsite was only 1.3Km from where we were but as the lady described on the phone “the board sign is not light and the road is also completely in the dark”, a perfect place for a murder. It didn’t help the fact that she asked us to stand in a corner that her son would pass by on and AUDI to tell us the way. But we did it anyway, I guess when you are tire you are easy to persuade. Nothing happened so far and we even managed to buy some beers from the lady’s personal fridge. Tonight we sleep like kings again.

Tomorrow, we arrive in Amsterdam

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