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CYCPLUS Tiny E-pump

CYCPLUS released the updated version of their tiny electric pump, AS2, the AS2 Pro, and AS2 MAX.

The original AS2 has been on my bike EDC ever since I received it and covered an aspect of my gear I wasn't satisfied with. I wanted an easy-to-use, call me lazy, and convenient solution for when I needed my tires inflated.

CYCPLUS AS2 tiny e-pump

Small pumps were too much of a workout to inflate the tires and CO2 cartridges seemed like an uneconomical (and not environmentally friendly solution). So the Cycplus AS2 tiny electric pump was the perfect solution.

CYCPLUS tiny e-pump together with Topek wratchet and a gorgeous 15mm wrench by Runwell

The upgrades on the AS2 Pro and AS2 Max only show that you don't need to settle for good, you can always get a better product.

If you want to purchase you can follow this affiliate link and use the code keirinstreets for a 5% discount.

Instagram: cycplus_official


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