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Online track market

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

As an addicted to track bikes I spent a lot of time online looking for that special gem lost in someone basement that just went up for sale for a ridiculously cheap price, like you see in those American TV shows about cars and Barn finds.

At some point my online routine would take a couple of hours go to thru my usual spots, sites, forums, etc... I am not a bike collector but I got the N+1 bug.

Until now I haven't had a bike that I would say "This one I will never sell" and I think that's what I am always looking for, the one to rule them all. As a matter of fact right now I am trying to clean my "inventory" to sponsor a new build.

Unknown Singularity

Jorbi Traffic

Aventon Mataro Low

Republica CC Catalina

So, here I leave you with my favorite places to visit whenever I find myself trying to procrastinate :)

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