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Day 3 | Peine - Lubbecke

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

139Km riding by the river can be painful and beautiful.

The day started really well with an amazing coffee shop that invited us from miles away, It looked like one of those places your auntie likes to talk about all the time how the furniture she bough is for this amazing place she has tee with her friends. And we fitted like a glove. Comfortable chairs, everything sparkling clean, and you could smell lavender miles away from the toilet. And of course the much needed wifi that seams to be a bit tricky to find, for a while we were kings.

time to refill

After that break we were fed and with morals high and we manage to put an amazing pace. We covered a lot of ground and even the wind seemed not to have picked up yet. We found a rout following the river and we took it until things started to change.

The cycle path became more or a cycle trail and soon we were riding on light sand and gravel. Struggling to find grip and doing more effort to keep a rolling speed than making Km’s we decided to leave the river and take the roads but Google was against us taking us back constantly to the same river path, every time we would hit the river we would try to ride it for a while only to give up and go back to the roads, that took a while back and forth, and took a lot of our energy.

Tired and with the morals now very low we stopped at a market to buy some food and refill. We decided to give a change to HERE (another map App) and that was all we needed. Full of energy and with an App that worked our way we finally manage to ride. Our goal for that day was too far for us to reach, the son was already low and were gonna fall short. No worries, we had good and bad moments all in one day and that’s why we love it.

A bridge for a river to cross another river

To finish we golden key we found a bar open late that we still had time for one cold beer and to charge up the electronics a bit. And just to give us that last gift, we found a fireman station with a big back garden, not sure if they noticed but thank the guys in red for their support!

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