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Day 2 | Stendal - Peine

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

132Km with an amazing beach stop on the way.

After a good night of sleep we woke up to find out that wind here is a constant. We packed our stuff and looked for a place to have breakfast, just to realize that on Sundays it would be a mission.

day too and no place to eat

It turned out to be quite a slow morning using any excuse we found to stop a little bit more, and that would set us later to riding into the night.

Morning rituals

We finally started getting the pace and making some Km's when we crossed by Wolfsburg. That place took us by surprise and even though we wanted to make the objective for today we wanted even more to enjoy out trip, so we just decided "Screw it, let's enjoy it", after all it's not everyday you find a beach in the meddle of Europe.

After that well needed rest we had some serious Km's to cover and we knew the wind wouldn't make it any easier. The legs would just have to make it.

With not so much food on our bags and no place open in site we got lucky to find a restaurant on our way that served some delicious pizzas and a gas station not too far to stock on some sandwiches and that beer to celebrate another great day of riding.

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