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Day 1 | Berlin - Stendal

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

122Km until the moment os this post (We still have to find a place to sleep)

The first day was quite hard. We started at midnight last night getting our bus from Brno to Berlin. We finally arrived in Berlin 8h later, without much sleep and some neck pain we got the bikes ready and started riding.

The way so far was quite uneventful. With the highlight of the morning being the Brazilian food truck we found with Açaí bowls. We had to dig in. And if that wasn't enough, the lovely lady working there was from my home town in Brazil, Salvador.

Luis and his Unknownbikes Singularity

I know now how people around this area train for climbing even if they don't have hills, they just have to go out and ride and face the constant strong head wind. The wind slowed us more than we expected and without a proper rest, our average speed dropped a bit.

Water brake

All and all we still made to our first goal, Stendal. Once we arrived we passed by LIDL to get some supplies for the night and now we are just enjoying a cold beer and some free wifi.

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