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CAZU Cycling

We found out about CAZU navigating thru the mess of social media and in the middle of all those bike porn pictures there was one that stood out. There is something about watching the birth of a brand that really shines thru.

We saw CAZU first on Instagram a few months back, when did it start?

Cazu started its activity last august 2017. We know each other since childhood and we were always interested in cycling.

Who is part of the team?

We are 2 friends Federico CArnevali & Paolo ZUcconi. CAZU it is the first part of our surnames.

How did the idea to start a bicycle brand first originated?

Last summer under the sun and in front of a good beer we thought " why people can't cycle with our bicycles"? So driven by inspiration we took a Colnago old frame and we transformed it in a track frame.

During our activity we went on track and we met an old man that at first glance we didn't know. He asked us who modified the frame and when he heard that was our creation, he asked us if we were interested in learning the art of making frames.

We accepted and then we got to know that he is Reclus Gozzi, founder of the company RAULER that worked with Ernesto Colnago. Now he is retired and he teaches us the art of making frames.

We saw one frame style, what is the goal for you bike line?

For now our main goal it is to enter in the fixed bike's market with an artisanal product hand made in Italy that combines old and new style frames with modern geometries.

Our frames are made with steel tubes and welded with the fillet brazing.

What are the options people can choose know when ordering a bike?

People that buy our frames have a product based on the customer's need, we are not a factory so everything is pretty much bespoke.

Any plans on joining the racing scene?

For the future we are making a race cycle frame and a gravel frame. We are also facing urban frame.

For the moment we are finishing a new fixed frame for the Criterium, like the Red Hook. We will present it at the event: Deus bicycle Swap Meet- Milan on the 21st of april.

instagram @cazucycles

facebook /cazucycles

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