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Winter riding

It has been almost 6 years since I moved to Czech Republic and that's when I decided to take cycling a bit more seriously, mainly, because there were no sea around so surfing was out of the option.

Six years later (almost... it will be 6 in May) I still hear from my friends every year the same question ''Are you still riding in the winter?''which usually follows by ''How can you do it?''.

riding fixed gear on snowy days in Czech Republic

I think its well known that we cyclists can be very stubborn and some of us will brave the elements, some for personal challenge and some to put food on the table #messlife. To me, what I always reply is ''There is no cold weather, just bad gear''.

It all comes down to the quality of my jacket an inner layers. Usually I ride my my HJUL jacket which I still didn't find a worthy replacement and some jeans. Chrome clipless shoes with some overshoe the help on the insulation and nice thick Christmas gloves. Funny enough, I still didn't find cycling gloves that I like to ride with.

Heavy fog. KNOG lights on. Fixed gear commute on winter.

And lets not forget. Lights... It drives me crazy when I see riders out there with no lights at all, riding on the road. **mind blown**

There is no point on being warm if you are gonna get hit by a car... get you lights on kids!

Heavy fog. KNOG lights on. Fixed gear commute on winter.

How hard is the winter where you live? Drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook!

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