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MODUAL multitool | Altum

The new MODUAL multitool designed by Altum brings a new look to cycling multitool. A compact design that will eliminate the need for extra tools.

The medium carbon steel body is strong enough to perform any bike adjustments needed without the fear of braking or bending while still keeping it light and portable. Easily fitting on a jersey pocket, under the saddle or on a small hip pouch.

altum modual multitool

The MODUAL can be bought together with a tool roll made of 1000D cordura and polyurethane cover that also has some very interesting features. An elastic in the middle holds the tool. On one of the sides there is a small pocket for the bits and repair kit and on the back another elastic to hold a spare tube. And a hidden magnetic tuns the longer flap into a magnetic ''bowl'' so you don't loose the bits and screws.

The tool body integrates two tire levers that snaps in magnetically to provide a better grip when holding it either as a screwdriver or as a wrench. There is also a place for 4 bits for quicker access also held in magnetically.

The bit holder comes with two empty slots so you can better customize the tool to your needs with your own bits.

Altum design modual multitool

And where Altum took their design even further is the possibility in the future to add even more functions, truly eliminating the need for extra tools and extending the original 13 functions to unlimited possibilities.

Altum design modual multitool

There is a lot of attention to details put in the production of a new tool system that really changed the way we look at multitools. There is no need to compromise form, quality or function.

Check our Youtube video for a better 'real feel' of this tool here.

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