DAY 6 || Falerna - Salerno

88Km + // 1 496m Elecation

Eggplants for breakfast, that has quickly became our top favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner... and any other meal in between.

After a good climbing session we stopped for a coffee and had our first bad news, the road ahead was more of mountain pass or highway, no way around it. After much consideration and calculations we had again to take a train for that stage, even tough we were not very excited about the idea of a day of climbing that was not the reason we decided to skip it, but the fact that it would set us back a day in our scheduled, so the train had to do it.

Once we arrived we were both pumped to start riding and that's exactly what we did, we were promised a beautiful long flat road by the seaside that stretched for Km's and we couldn't wait for it. e needed to put some K's. Well... that turned out to be really boring :(

Flat #3 and new tire on!



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