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UNKNOWN | Singularity

Unknown bikes is a big name in the US and now it's making it's way to Europe and we tested the Singularity.

Unknown BIKES Europe Singularity

The frame has a very aggressive look and behavior. The down tube is larger then the usually seen on other frames giving it even more stiffness.

Evolving from the more popular Unknwon LV2 the Singularity target a weak point in their frames, the seat post and the integrated seat clamp from the previous model. Like other brands that had opted for the integrated seat clamp that seams to never lock it down no matter how much you torque it Unknown not only changed to an aggressive aero seat post but also gave the option to retro fit the same system for the owners of the previous model LV2.

Unknown BIKES Europe Singularity

Riding in the city gave some great traffic light sprints on which the Singularity showed to be very responsive and take off extremely fast (as fast as the chicken legs would allow).

Unknown BIKES Europe Singularity

The frameset comes with carbon/Alu fork and Alu seat post with the option for a Carbon upgrade.

Even with it's clear racing design the Singularity fits those who just wants to shred traffic and bomb hills with holes for brakes and enough space to fit mudguards.

Unknown BIKES Europe Singularity



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