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DAY 3 || Santo Stefano - Vila San Giovani

167 Km // 2 481m Elevation

Our 5 start hotel on the beach with beach beds and shower, the morning was just what we have been looking for. We will need all the energy later on.

20Km to our breakfast we found a mini market on the side of the road and we loaded ourselves with fruits and juice and from their to a coffee.

A crash. Fortunately nothing too serious, coming to a round about a driver decided last minute to do another ride around and Stepan who was in the front braked... I had no brakes on the bike and no time to stop without hitting his rear will with sent me flying over my handlebars. The car behind us was far enough that he could stop safely and promptly came out of the car to check on me insisting to call an ambulance. Besides the shock and some pain on the ribs I was OK. Ride on.

crash bruise

A small portion of the road was closed due to construction, it was around midday so we found a place to eat and decide our next move. It was just 6Km but the detour would take us on a crazy winding 12Km uphill. Fed and somewhat rested the good mood took us the easy way and we jumped on a train, in and out is was just one station, 3min and we were back on our original route.

Arriving to Santa Pier Marina we met a group of Rodies and tagged along, the draft was a good rest for what was already a long day riding and the safety of riding in a group made us relax a little.

After coffee and beer and a much needed advice from the locals we changed our original much shorter route trough the mountain, in the dark there was no road illumination and drivers liked to speed on those roads, and we took the long way around, by the sea.

Completely dead we made it to the ferry in time. That was our first trip goal to leave the Island by day 3 and we made it.

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