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DAY 2 || Sfera Cavallo - Santo Stefano di Camastra

Km 123.6 // 1 679m Elevation

The ride is going slower that expected with the amount of hills on the way. Hot slow painful climbs make for an amazing view, they all could be on a postcard.

On the way we passed by Cefalú and even though our planned stop wasn't for another few Km's a street food festival and cold beer by the beach was too much of a good invitation to pass on.

We enjoyed what we could but night was coming fast and we still had no idea where we would find a place to sleep that night.

First flat!

40Km's later and we found a place with great potential, so we hunt a Café with internet to check our map, the usual updates and a much deserved beer.


Strava Map

And first flat just happened.

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