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JORBI | Pista Traffic

The Jorbi Pista Traffic is a urban singlespeed built for the city. The frameset comes with a beautiful UD Carbon fork making it very light at only 2.5Kg for the size 55.

Wheel clearance won't allow you to go too big, I have been riding with 25 in the front and 28 in the back, which will let you have a good smooth ride in the city but limit on your adventures. There is still space for fenders, either the new generation or the more traditional over the wheel fenders, as long as they don't require screws to the frame.

The geometry is city proof! Short wheel base on this very compact frame makes it extremely responsive and combined with a more upright riding position traffic becomes a playground.

Cable guides are the only thing that JORBI could have considered a different approach. If you are not giving use for the drills on the frame and running a cable to the rear, the guides just ruin the look when a simple and as effective plastic removable could do the same job and give the option for a cleaner look.

Out of it's natural element JORBI Traffic performed just as great. We decided to go extreme and took it on a 1014Km ride from Palermo to Rome.

Bottle cage mount, great ride position and all it's strength made it an amazing ride, even with an average of 140Km a day. It can be fully loaded with bags everywhere needed, brakes and everything needed for a long ride or a city commute shine or rain.

This is a great frameset for anyone starting to ride on fixed but still haven't mastered the Skids or just prefer to ride with brakes on.

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