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DZRShoes | Midnight

DZR sent us two amazing shoes to test them out. Midnight and the H2O which will be reviewed soon.


For the past three weeks I have used nothing but these shoes! The clean design makes it fit with any casual office dress code you might have without giving it away you have cycling shoes, even with the harder walking shoe sole.


On a long ride it feels great on the foot. 50Km into the ride, jumping on and off the bike for those beautiful landscapes pictures or a cold beer, they still feel comfortable. The sole has the perfect level of stiffness for the pedal and comfort for walking.

Out testing DZR Shoes MIDNIGHT
DZR Shoes MIDNIGHT Sole SPD side

You can find all the essential features for a great urban cycling shoes here, elastic lace catch, the right combination of materials and the integration of reflective materials on the logo for that extra visibility.

DZR Shoes MIDNIGHT reflective logo
DZR Shoes MIDNIGHT elastic lace catch

This shoes will be suffering hardcore use for most part of the next year being subjected to as much riding as possible, being the first *LongTermReview! we make. Check out in another 3month, 6month and 1Year to see how it will sustain the abuse!

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