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team kit | SM-Parts

We love to meet up with friends, update the bike talk, check out bikes parts and one of my favourite things, maybe because I was never a pro, the kits.

Not too long ago we were in Berlin for what is now, for sure, the sickest fixed gear race existing and we had the chance to catch our friends from SM-Parts wearing their, not release at the time, new Pink CAMO kit.

We added their cap to our collection, which in our opinion should follow the same mathematics rule for bikes N+1

Together with the cap we got this cool set of pictures done by Felix Jäger (Website & Instagram)

And just in case CAMO is not your style, the ICON kit is also out, check it out. The best italian fabrics are not just stylish, they are also road ready, reflective cuffs to make you more visible on the training sessions and secrete zipped pocket for your goodies,

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