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F151 Victor | FREITAG

FREITAG bags and accessories are stylish and socially responsible. Giving new life to old truck tarps makes not only an ecological product but also unique as no bags are, ever, the same.

Trucks travel for thousands of Km's carrying the biggest variety of goods across the world and FREITAG bags are just as tough.

Big buckles, rubber trims and seatbelts for straps are just part of a much stronger and more interesting whole.

The main compartment is big (16 to 23 litres) and the rolltop wide opening allows for easy loading. Inside there is a Laptop sleeve that cover the full width of the backpack.

Unfortunately there are no chest straps to secure the backpack snugly when heavily loaded, and even though that is not a deal breaker more than often I found myself instinctively looking for it.

That downside gets shadowed by all the well though features on this backpack. The rolltop large strap has a place to hide the extra length.

Outside the front pocket there is an easy place to put a lock and clip on lights. Also, a quick access side pocket for field notes and essentials, great to throw the wallet in and not having to look around for it.

Still in the front pocket there is even more places to organize everything from tablet to every day carry.

A really well built backpack for every day ride or long weekend travelling.

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