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How did the team start?

Like a lot things in Czech Republic, with beers in hand. There was a little urge to make something, that’s going on in Europe right now (Germany, Italia, France). I mean strong teams of people, who love to ride bikes, suffer and compete in races. So we tried to ask some of our friends who could be interested in this format - to have a good time abroad, but also push a little harder. We are slowly starting.

Where are you from?

We are all from Czech Republic, mostly from Prague, but also Tábor

Who is part of the team?

We are now group of 7 people. Jan Šafrata, Petr Vaverka, Honza Hubač, Šimon Klimt, Šimon Matějů, Radek Pěchota, Tomáš Včelák.

What is the riders cycling background?

Quite different, but the bike is the linking part. For example PETR was doing BMX Flatland before he got to fixed gear, TOMÁŠ beside riding fixed is also riding Dirt jumps and freestyle, RADEK was training for triathlon back in the days, ŠIMON M. was part of the Czech National Team for road and CX, JAN Š. was also junior road racer, then became national CX mechanics, ŠIMON K. started riding bike a few years ago, firstly for transportation in Prague which led him to try fixed gear. So we have a wide range of riders, which is always good.

What are the goes for this season?

We did choose some races we really liked to race, such as RAD-RACE races. Then we have some events here in Czech, such as alleycats. We already raced the Garage Race 2016 in Prague, Fuxjagd in Vienna and we also went to Poland for KarrramBBA! crit. The whole team will be in Berlin for the FIXED42 Championship. Overall we have about 10 races abroad, 10 at home.

As we are now taking shape and coming up, the budget is a bit thin. So this is also an aspect, together with the free time to race of course. We have some sponsors appearing and we are hoping the partnership could prosper. Some of us are working, some studying and its sometimes really hard to accommodate all the needs.

What kind of races do you participate?

The team was found to ride mainly fixed gear crits abroad, because here (in Czech) we have only one such race. So we wanted to see what's going on elsewhere. Alleycats, in the future maybe some road races on home soil, as a part of practice.

What is the team favourite place to ride?

So far we have been many times in Germany, so yeah. The base there is really strong and is evolving fast. Good teacher a few hours from us. We are also enjoying local rides – inside/outside Prague, south Bohemia is perfect for chill rides. Visiting a velodrome is a good benefit for us.

How is the fixed gear scene in your city?

Prague is dead. The scene here is moreover complicated. The wave of simple customized bikes came and everybody made fixed gears from 40-50 years old bikes cheapest way possible. They realized it’s not that good, I think mainly because of the bad quality and the scene quite perish. Another factor is Prague itself, big cobbles, tram rails and hills, combination not to be admired, which makes scene here very thin, but at the end, you have about 20 riders here you know to ride with no matter what. It’s funny, when you see a locked fixed gear, you know on 90% the owner. And I don’t think it’s going to change to better.

Any message or shout out?

Thanks to: Rafael ;) Ski a bike centrum Radotín, CTW, Inomech, SCM KOVO Praha, our girls and friends

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