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Schindelhauer Hektor | Carbon belt ready

Hektor, The Schindelhauer racing machine is ready for anything you throw at it.

The LoPro geometry gives a nice and aggressive riding position with no shenanigans, responsive in and out of traffic and the big aero down delivers as much style as stiffness for the power transfer needed on race days.

The Hektor is as much about the big things as it is for the small details. The only way you could tell the frame is ready for belt drive is if you would dive in the dropouts. Integrated seat post bolt and smooth welds complete the look.

The biggest feature of the Hektor clearly is the fact that it's ready to take the belt drive system and we jumped right at it.

With lighter components usually there is some compromise on longevity which doesn't apply here, actually the carbon belt has a longer lasting life than a normal chain and that's due to the non existing moving parts that makes a chain.

The belt system requires much more tension to work properly and that is not ideal for the BB and hubs.

But that is a minor drawback considering the amazing advantages it offers. A dry belt that requires virtually no maintenance. No oils needed means no more marks left on the jeans and no dirty hand. A simple water shower is all it takes to clean it.

We wouldn't be surprise to see more teams in the Crits changing to belt in the future. The bike weights only 7.8kg with this configuration.

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