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Cadence Collection UK | VIK20 Bundle

Cadence Collection has one of the best cycling fashion out there, and the range covers both your race days as well as your relaxing hours.

The cap, the holy grail of riding accessories for many of us, is just done right. Cadence recognisable design and patterns style made with 100% cotton to keep your head fresh on the hot days coming ahead.

The one size fits all applies best here, as the elastic on the backside of the cap doesn't feel like it wants to squeeze your brains out. The attention to details is amazing, the little label flag on the back is not only for branding, it's made of reflective material. Sure it won't make you instantly visible on the road but it shows they put some thought into the process.

The socks are made with 30% coolmax and will keep your feet sweat free even in hot days, or if your shoes are not so breathable. They also are left and right foot specific for a even better fit.

The Specialized purist bottle closes the bundle and the style, holds 22oz or 650ml, with the Moflo valve.

All made in USA with the quality Cadence is know for.

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