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Mayhem hip pouch and tool roll is perfect for a light ride or as a complement to your backpack.

The pouch has a perfect size to carry all the valuables in one place. It's big enough to fit, pretty much anything you would have in the pocket and more but not so big to bulk your hip area.

It's nice to see brands not saving on material, the velcro on the Mayhem hip pouch is huge, covers all the pouch width giving that extra safety feeling.

As a hardcore commuter I always look for reflective components that will increase our visibility on the road but there is none in this case. The large from flip makes it very easy to clip a extra light if the road gets really dark.

The toolroll sits perfectly under the saddle or on your jersey pocket. Inside there are three large compartment for tubes, tools and whatever you need to bring with you to repair a flat tire.

All Mayhem products comes in a variety of colours. Very pleased with the construction and finish.

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