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And so there it was, GarageRace 2016 was a blast as always and the rain just made it even more fun. FunBikes annual race was again an amazing event.

A race day packed with action for everyone. The rooftop view set up the mood with great music and food by Salt'N'Pepa Foodtruck to go along. Everybody arrived early to get their start goodies and set up camp on the best spots.

photo by Lukas Biba

Festina partnered up with their GoldSprint series giving prizes for best man taken by Simon Mateju, DEFEKT Crew and woman which this year was dominated by defending champion Alice Králiková.

photo by Lukas Biba

While the riders were getting their practice on, set up a puzzle for anyone who wanted to try their lucky on finding a lock combination to take a sweet backpack home, but you had until Sunset for that.

photo by Lukas Biba

The main event had a simple Last Man Standing format and from the qualification round we could see things were about to get interesting.The thin rain was present from mid-afternoon and never really stopped. It was not enough to bother too much but it was just enough to set up a crash show.

video by Gasmo Jason and Funbikes

That also made for a more technical ride where any little mistake would decide who wound the round, that seemed to be no problem for DEFEKT Crew who took it all home with 1st and 2nd place for man and 1st place for woman.

The rest of the evening was just fun, Track standing competition, Longest Skid and Best trick!

photo by Lukas Biba

photo by Lukas Biba

Big thanks to FunBikes for organizing such an amazing event, see you guys again next year.

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