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Mainstream MSX 48° Backpack

A technical daypack loaded with features that matter. The 48° Backpack is the result of a perfect design. Stylish and efficient.

Fully waterproof and dustproof, for those who likes to adventure in the real jungles and not just the concrete one, the materials used are far superior quality than other backpacks from the same price range.

In the frontside there is one pocket with a super strong sealed zipper to accommodate all your values. The pocket is big enough to fit a 8'' tablet, phone, field notebook, keys and any other small item. The only down side is that when the main compartment is fully loaded the front pocket ,which is built to the inside of the bag, gets a bit snugly.

For the commuters, the logo is discrete but from a reflective material and there are also slots that can be used to mount clip-in lights.

And if that's not enough, they are all VOLVO Life Paint suitable

top: Clean Embossed IconBlack

bottom: Clean RipStop IconBlack

The main compartment has a 25l capacity with the roll top expandable up to 415mm, that's about knee high. The closure is secured by the amazing magnetic buckle. Extremely precise and easy to operate with one hand only.

Inside there is a modular computer sleeve that fits any 15'' device and MSX will also release a 15.4'' to fit the new Mac.

All that design and technology doesn't end there. The carrying system (MT-System) separates the load from the body to delivery an anatomically comfortable solution. The two overhead buckles allow to adjust individually to the personal body ergonomics for the perfect distance between the MT-System and the back of the backpack.

Two big vented pads in the back lets the air flow for those, soon to come, hot summer days.

The Backpack 48° comes in two different material options and two different colours.

RipStop fabric (89.99€) in IconBlack and IconWhite and the Embossed fabric (99.99€) woven in high density in IconBlack, all of then TPU coated inside and out.

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