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Rascal set up to create his own magazine. An exchange of pictures taken by riders and couriers all around the world.

photo by @kota_hata

Printed and sent worldwide cyclonicity has been spotted everywhere.

It's simplicity deludes anyone who didn't open it's pages filled with pictures so righ in history and context that needs no caption.

Rascal, 31, bike messenger and self made editor.

Five years working as a courier for CYCLEX he decidde to quit his job to became a full time editor. Not riding the streets for work but as a Messenger life style! ''like a skater or a surfer'''

CYCLONICITY started 4 years ago as a way to express the Mess Life. Messengers around the world sharing the same passion and love sending in pictures. Passing the magazine by hand. Just like a minifest.

photo by @kota_hata

Next issue to be expected mid-summer. Get in contact to get your issue sent and your images printed!

instagram RASCAAAAAL

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