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Fix Fixie Shop was founded in 2012 by Dat Nguyen. He wanted to provide a safe space for cyclists to come and hang out. A place for them to learn and further their interest in track bikes in a safe and healthy environment.

FixFixie team

Cameron Bond, 25 (@_cameronbond) | Cinelli Parallax

Bryan Lemus, 17 (@Bryann_lemonss) | Cinelli Work

Kirk Orellana, 21 (@_kirkorellanaa) | Cinelli Bolt

Josh Balvaneda, 17 (@Fixiejosh) | Cinelli Vigorelli

Noemi Soto, 21 (@Nomes_world) | Cinelli Parallax

Gary Walker, 21 (@PardonMyWill) | Cannondale Track

Cody Lewis, 22 (@CodyLovesToFlexx) Cinelli Parallax

What is FixFixie about?

Fix Fixie is about community and riding. We encourage the community to come and hang out at the shop and learn more about track bikes. We're lucky enough to have Encino Velodrome close by so we encourage a lot of riders to enjoy their track bikes at the local velodrome. We also have weekly rides!

FixFixie team
FixFixie team

How often do you ride together? We host community rides every saturday at 10am! Come out to meet new friends and explore new parts of our city in a safe and fun group! The team meets up a couple times a week. We're a small family and like to spend time with each other when we're not busy with work. Whenever we have free time we'll text each other to meet up and teach each other new techniques and riding etiquette. We push each other to be stronger and smarter racers and individuals.

How would you describe Your city on the point of view of a rider?

Seeing my city from a bicycle is surprisingly convenient. Being able to get into new environments and little side roads you would otherwise never find is awesome. I never sit in traffic, constantly flowing with few stops. Every time I'm on my bike it's a new adventure, I love that feeling.

I really enjoy the santa monica mountains. There are tons of beautiful roads and dirt trails connecting the mountains. There's always a new place to explore and see from a different perspective. Another great road is spot is the Stub Hub Center Velodrome in Carson, CA. It's a UCI velodrome that hosts elite international races as well as local community events. Encino velodrome is an awesome outdoor velo in the San Fernando Valley.

Have you had any bad crashes?

I had a really bad crash on my road bike. I was descending Little Tujunga and took the turn a bit too wide. I hit some dirt and gravel. I tried get back on the cement but got stuck in a ditch in between the road and shoulder. I went over the bars and scarred my entire hip and shoulder. It was my second time going down a mountain and reminded me to stay humble when trying to push my limits. No need to show out to get stronger. Most of the time you'll end up hurting yourself or worse, someone else.

What was your best race memory?

Wolfpack Hustle Austin Finale Crit was my favorite race ever. I pushed myself when I didn't think I could and made me feel like I can actually be a great racer If I keep training. I finished 19/98 racers but only 32 finished the race. I'm excited to race Red Hook Crit this year and see if I can hang with the best of the best.

FixFixie team

How was '15 season and what is the team goal for '16?

In the fixed category we had several podium places both as a team and individually. Bryan and Kirk took 3rd places on CX (Trafik Fixed Gear CycloCross / So Cal Cross Race). Cameron along with a 1st place on King Of Vegas finished 23rd in the Red Hook Crit.

We also took a 14th and 19th on the Wolfpack Hustle Austin Finale Crit. Finished 20/40 teams in Unified Title Series

For 2016 we want to place inside the top 10 for Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series and Red Hook Criterium. We would also like to grow our community group ride to 50+ riders before summertime. We want to encourage the community to come out and ride more consistently and in numbers. We want to show our community that cycling is great for the youth and the camaraderie it manifests between people you share your community with is worth getting a bike to pedal on.

FixFixie team


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