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Founded in November 2012 by four friends, Fox, Naldinho, Gustavo and Padilha, who had in comun the love for cycling and explore the city, they decided to make that their life style. There are currently 8 courier working in different shifts.

CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Diving straigh in, what is the biggest challenges working in a city like Rio?

CICLO: Personally one of the biggest challenge is safety. Not only the social problems we find in some parts of the city, but also the intense traffic we have here.

CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

What was one of the best moment you had delivering?

One time I was just droping a package in the reception of a residencial building and I could hear a mother saying to her 10month baby ''See son, it arrived''. Sure the baby couldn't understand anything but at that moment I realized the impact we have in people's life.

What motivates you to ride in Rio?

Finding amazing places in the city really makes riding more interesting, but getting paid to ride around the city, for sure, is the biggest motivation.

CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

What is the after work ritual?

The basics is, we always start at some happy hour. Just chilling with some friends at the bar with good beer at a fair price, and than to the next place.

How does CICLO give back to the community?

We organize every Thursday at 19h a community workshop where we offer a space and all the tools needed for anyone to repair their bike. It takes place at Casa Nuvem (Lapa). It's a great event where people with diffenrent level of expetise come to share their knowledge in a very oranic way.

CICLO Couriers | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

What else does CICLO gets involved in?

We participate in events, racing and sponsoring. We also organize alleycats, workshops other than the TriCilo project and some movie sessions always with the theme of urban mobility.

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