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From the love of riding bicycles to business owner. Cycling brings a lot more than just revenues, especially in times when fixed gear culture is almost non existing in the country.

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How did the idea for a bike shop started?

FunBikes: We love riding bicycles and one day we have started thinking about our own business. When we were thinking what we could do in a different way we discovered fixed-gear bikes while visiting London.

How was the fixed gear culture in Czech Republic back then?

This was in 2009. Almost nobody knew anything about the bikes and no specific bicycle parts were available here in Prague in that time. So we thought it would be a good idea to start to run a small business and introduce the bikes to wider public. Since then, fixed gear bikes have become popular and stylish in Prague and also other parts of the Czech Republic. People want to have nice bikes not just for sport activities but also as a simple way of commuting in the city.

Events! Talk about the events you organize.

We organize Garage Race - race only for fixed gear bikes in the roof top of a garage located in the heart of Prague - for the 6th time this spring (2016)

Summer bicycle festival called InDust3 is another project that we organize with our friends for fixie riders but also for the public. It includes criterium race and alley cat. Also, we brought GoldSprints to the country and we have been organizing them few years at different locations, competitions or private parties.

Near future plan?

We want to keep offering the best customer service and deliver great events :)

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