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The fixedgear scene started in Portugal around 8 years ago. At that time, most riders had an old road bike converted and not much more. Things have change since then.

How did RG started:

RG: About 5years ago I started RG only as a blog where I would post things about fixedgear and also parts that I would find and sell them online.

Slowly I started to import new components and building more bikes to a point where I needed a place that would serve not only as a store but as a workshop too.

We see more and more RG frames in big races and you are already sponsoring some teams, what made you decide to sponsor DesorderlyHabits?

Since last summer many teams started asking for our support and sponsorship. DH was the team we had the best empathy. After a few email exchange we met at the Barcelona '15 RedHook Crit where we had the chance to talk personally and work on the project for '16.

Besides the empathy, DH was the team we felt had the strongest image, they are a new team with young riders with already good results.

Ivan (brand owner) did a great job not only picking the riders but also with the visual and graphic aspect of the team.

They are the right team to promote our frames.

What do you think about RedHook Criterium? And what do you expect from DH this season?

RedHook is a very intense race that became and example to follow, not only on the organization side but also on their creativity.

It changed completely the fixed gear scene that until then was just focused on the urban environment and it's only competitive side were the alleycats. RedHook changed it all. Fixed gear has now a much more sport and competitive side, and that changed the whole concept, broadening the market and even bike designs.

As for DH, I don't really know what I can expect. I hope they qualify on the RedHook Series and get good visibility on the other races. I also wish they make a season with no falls and injuries!

What will DH use from RG this year?

They will use the '16 Arrogante frameset along with their other sponsors: RAR Wheels, Met helmets, Pacificando, Santa Fixie.

Besides DH there are other teams that will count with our support and will race '16 season with Arrogante frames: ULock Justice Crew from Germany, VeloCycles Crew from Spain and CrankShift NYC in the US.

RG market seems to be stronger in Asia, why is it so?

Asia is possibly the biggest bicycle market and on fixed gear too. Alongside with population density and the growing buying power, it is the biggest and most visible market. The southeast has the strongest fixedgear scene, mainly Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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