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crew | G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T. was formed in 2011'ish', when a group of friends opened the GRIME BIKES store in Chinatown NYC and kind of decided to wear the mark and operate as a unit.

G.O.A.T counts now with many affiliates and many members in different cities including Bangkok and Tokyo and 15 patch holding members in NYC.

When did GOAT crew start?

Joey: Around 2011, I released a frame called the G.O.A.T. and we started calling ourselves G.O.A.T. CREW.

What inspire your art and your frame building?

I learned mostly everything from watching over Lance Mercados shoulder at Squarebuilt Cycles. He taught me alot about the common rules of geometry, and passed along the old Paterek framebuilding manual which I read cover to cover. There were a bunch of outdated rules in that book, which Lance, Mike Schmitt and I broke when we made the first fixed gear freestyle GRIME frame with a negative bb. Tons of bike industry type people asked me "why are you doing this?!" Ive had trouble working with older builders who are too deadset on the 'rules'. After a while, I learned what does what and am very confident in my frames, and how they perform, especially for couriers. I literally lived above Lances workshop for a few years, and would just drink beers and watch him build at night. He got me started and I am still in awe of his builds.

Do you guys participate in events? Tell a bit out races and your rides.

G.O.A.T. crew organized our first alleycat this past December which went very well. We also plan to host a FOOTDOWN competition at MONSTERTRACK registration this year. Most of the crew are couriers so they get their miles in that way.

How would you describe riding in Brooklyn? What is your favourite place to ride?

I prefer to ride in Manhattan as the cars are more used to cyclists and the pace is more consistent. My favorite was always blasting up 6th ave from canal to the 40s. RIding with friends is always the best and taking the car lane on a bridge is always great.

What is the hang out place of choice of GOAT crew?

At this point, either Gnostic Tattoo, or East River Bar. Come find us!

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