Morava Valleycat

Every year, in the dead cold of winter, some crazy guys get together to ride from Viena to Bratislava on an alleycat race known as 'Piratislav'. With the borders closed the guys from Skid to Hell couldn't let the opportunity pass by to organize their own version of the Piratislav, so the Moravia Valleycat was born.

The "race" would start in Otrokovice and finish at Breclav. This was not going to be a race but more like a group ride, there were no prizes, everyone riding together, and plenty of stops for beer and gas station food.

The plan was to meet at the train station early in the morning with our train leaving Brno station at 06:36 am. The week before one of the guys drove by the route to check it and it looked like most of it was in great condition with just a small segment promising some mud. We were not let down.

In the end, we did 106Km on a cold day in February. Good asphalt, mud, beers, and an amazing day on the bike with some crazy dudes.

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