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Day 4 | Lü -

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Another day another complaint about the wind, but be rested, it’s going to be the last time I complain. We decided that there was no point on trying to fight the wind, we were never going to win. So today when ever the wind picked up, which actually today we had the strongest winds so far, we would just slow down and take our time.

Checking the maps

We started strong with a good stretch until breakfast and we found a great place with delicious cakes and coffee, too bad they didn’t have wifi, the upload would have to wait.

Long kilometres passed by with a few hills on the way. Long times inside my head trying to distract myself from the pain, at this point everything hurts. My achilles tendon hurt, my knees hurt, my back hurt, everything else is numb. It’s hard to even try to have a conversation to distract us, with so much wind we really had to shout from behind the other riders wheel.

But as the afternoon developed things started to change. I stopped relying so much on Google for turn-to-turn and started using it as a general guide and relying on the streets signs. Finally we were making much better progress, we would still get lost every now and than but we manage to make more Kms than before with less effort, we where again having fun.

Boarder between Germany and Netherland

It seams like it happen all to fast, the boarder just showed up before us and the place we used for direction, the impossible place to reach, was just 6Km’s away now. Crossing the boarder must have felt like Alice going to the wonderland. Perfect paved roads for bike in the most absolute flat. At this time the night was on us and we still didn’t know where we would out our tent when we saw a sign for a camping site. Until know we had only slept on open fields and once behind a fireman station, we showed once on a lake. The idea of sleeping on a place built for people to sleep at with running hot water was all we needed.

not actually peeing

Tomorrow should be another fun day.

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