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I have visited Helsinki before, but last time I did not bring with me my bike and I had to rely on a borrowed abandoned mix of a bike which I gladly rode everywhere, but not without thinking with every single pedal stroke that I should have brought my bike with me.. And so I did this time!

Unpacked and ready it was time for the usual ride around town, revisiting some of my favourite places and checking out new ones.

This trip was not about sightseeing, It was more about the new things. Organizing a race for the first time, meeting with local brand and frame builder, checking the fixed gear local culture. Thanks to our sponsors we manage to race and have some fun on the track #nightatthevelodrome.

Full Album soon on Facebook

A few days later met with the founders of KRNKY, fixed gear accessories handmade in Helsinki. Born out of the necessity of good gear for the every day rider it easily spread amongst the community. If you meet a fixed gear rider or a bike messenger in the streets of Helsinki, almost for sure he will be using some gear from KRNKY.

The community was amazing and even though most riders ha d already left to ECMC in Copenhagen, those who were still there made us feel like home!

We dare you to vote RIGA for 2018 ECMC just so we can party in Helsinki on the ECMC Pre Event!

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