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What is the brand philosophy behind BP? BIKE PUNK was founded by me in 2010 in the pulsating heart of Berlin, Germany.Before that time I made frequent trips to San Francisco, visiting my family. Always being a bike nerd I was instantly drawn to the vivid and huge fixed gear scene in the East Bay, with a wide variety of rider-founded bike shops and urban cycle lifestyle firms (e.g. Mission Workshop). My interest in the US fixed gear scene was even more sparked by the numerous inspiring video clips released by informal bike crews (e.g.MASH). When I returned to Berlin I was convinced to found my own bike company and support the small but gradually growing German fixed gear scene.

Today the core competencies of BIKE PUNK are twofold. First, we are a manufacturer of a unique selection of quality frames, components and apparel for fixed gear and track riding. Our complete product line is developed and tested by us in Berlin and manufactured by the best craftsmen according to our own and our race team’s high quality standards. Second, as a retailer we offer a wide variety of products from all popular track bike brands to customers worldwide. In our local showroom located in Berlin-Kreuzberg we build custom single speed bikes of any style and stock a vast array of bike-related products.

There are two teams under the name of BP

In fact we are sponsoring two teams, a racing team and FGFS team. The former consists of about 20 female and male riders competing in criterion races since 2015. The latter consists of only of 2 freestyle riders untiringly waving the FGFS flag. Unfortunately, compared to the US the FGFS scene in Germany is rather small and never reached a critical mass. The team members of our racing team differ in age, profession and social background but they all share their common love for all sorts of bikes, especially track bikes. Our favorite hang out spots are the Berlin Velodrome and the abandoned roads running through monumental scenery of the still unfinished BER airport.

more videos here!

Are we going to see any new release from BP?

Of course! We are constantly working on new products, especially frames and components. This month we launched our first ever carbon road race frame set called HELLCAT. This might appear a little bit strange considering that BIKE PUNK is a cycle brand focusing on singlespeed bikes. However, with a growing number of performance-oriented riders becoming organized in race teams the demand of our customers for an additional geared road bike is increasing more than ever. Further, we are prototyping a new affordable track frame set with a tight and agile geometry. This frame will be released during the summer. So stay tuned!

Where can we see this season the Racing team?

2016 is the second year of existence of our race team and we are still in an quite early stage. As last year, the team will participate in all track race events of the Rad Race series. Further, we are planning to send out the strongest of our riders to the notorious Red Hook Crit races in Europe.

How is the fixed gear scene lived by BP in Berlin?

The fixed gear scene in Berlin is massive and extraordinarily active. Every day of the week you will find events to participate in, such as group rides, alleycat races or bike workshops. Almost all well-known German fixed gear brands have their origin in our hometown Berlin. These brands, being competitors in many business settings, peacefully coexist and support the German fixed gear community by sponsoring prices or hosting race events. At the end of the day they are all allies in achieving the most important of all goals – to motivate as many people as possible to get on their bikes! Right from the start BIKE PUNK has been contributing to urban cycle culture with all its heart and soul.

How usually are the night rides organized by BP? The night rides is something that we started in the very beginning. We were always riding our bikes after work and on the weekends. Since the fixed gear scene in Berlin was growing rapidly at that time, almost always someone was bringing a friend and, consequently, our little crew was growing constantly. Also being approached by a great number of customers we started to host the night rides, open for everyone who wants to ride with us. Since then we organize these night rides on a regular basis with more than 100 bike riders starting from our showroom to pedal through the city by night.

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